Empress of the Skies, Heavenly Queen
Beloved Isis, my heart is keen
From darkness and fear to be released
To connect with my power in deepest peace

Bless me, that this may be so
In accordance with Heaven's plan that I grow
Beloved Queen clothe me in your authority and light
I now claim my spiritual birthright

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Living in the Light

As an Energy Worker I'm very aware that Universal Life-Force energy is available to anyone who asks for it and that it does not belong to one particular religion or tradition. And in this context, I became what I believed to be true - neutral. And well, honestly, I was afraid of people finding out that I was Wiccan. This left a big hole where my soul should have been. I've been walking around for months in what seems like a coma.

And then there's this person called Jesus. He's been part of my life ever since I can remember and he's been with me at several pivotal points in my life - sitting right there next to me - so real that I could reach out and touch him. So how can I, who feels his presence so profoundly, shut him out of my life? The answer is simply - I can't. I need him and I want him to be part of my life. Period.

And so how do I incorporate Jesus into what is essentially my Pagan life? I'm looking for those answers now and I believe it could be in the form of Christian Wicca. I know, I know, there can be no such thing. Or can there? I'm finding out . . .

I'm reading a book now called 'Jesus through Pagan Eyes' by Reverend Mark Townsend. Even though I'm in the beginning chapters, it's making so much sense! He's separating the historical Jesus from the Christ made up by the church. They're two different people you see. I want to know the historical Jesus. The real man. The man who laughed, cried and fell in love - who in fact taught love. Plain and simple. No dogma, no doctrine, no thou shall and shall not. Just love. To love and be loved. I believe Jesus's message was pure and to the point. That's the Jesus I want to know.

And I want to keep the Wicca I choose to follow - that of the Goddess (the Divine feminine), the Earth, and the spirituality of Wicca. This is what feels good in my heart. This is what brings me to that place of peace and calm. That connection with nature and the moon and the seasons.

And so on this path towards Christian Wicca I'm sure I'll fall, stumble, maybe even fall off a cliff or two, but I'll keep moving forward and listening to the one who guides me, who watches over me and who loves me . . . no matter what craziness I put him through!



  1. I wish you many blessing's on your journey ! i have been going through a lot of change in my life as well .I used to only follow pagan gods only i cringed at the thought of anything to do with anything christian ! I happened to find a few prayers and chants working with jesus for bad weather .I had great results then i started working at getting to know mary . I stopped at trying to think of them as christian pantheon but as caring beautiful people and god/goddess of all people if you just open your heart . Have you gotten the new mary oracle cards they are so pretty !

  2. I still find it really hard to separate Jesus from dogmatic Christian prescriptions, but I love your perspective - a man who laughed and cried and loved :) Blessings on your journey!

  3. My goodness, you and I read many of the same books.