Empress of the Skies, Heavenly Queen
Beloved Isis, my heart is keen
From darkness and fear to be released
To connect with my power in deepest peace

Bless me, that this may be so
In accordance with Heaven's plan that I grow
Beloved Queen clothe me in your authority and light
I now claim my spiritual birthright

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Imagine my delight and surprise when I realized that February 2nd is Candlemas! What a wonderful time time to usher in my new-found path with light to guide my way!

Candlemas marks the midpoint of winter - halfway between the shortest day at the Winter Solstice (December 21st) and Spring Equinox (March 20th). Also on this day is celebrated Imbolc, a festival marking the Goddess' cyclical change from Crone to Maiden. It's a time to celebrate the increased strength of the sun as winter is giving way to spring. It's time to pull out the seed catalogs and gardening journals and start dreaming about bountiful gardens and blooming flowers.

Candlemas commemorates the presentation, by Mary, of Jesus in the Temple, forty days after giving birth to him. Jesus, quite literally was and is, the light guiding us out of the darkness. It's a time to buy your candles for the coming year and do a blessing over them (I buy black and orange Samhain candles in the fall for the following year as it's hard to find them now). Here's a simple candle blessing ritual . . .

Candle Blessing Ritual

Items Needed - candles, annointing oil (I like Frankincense, Myrhh, Sandalwood, Cypress, Elemi, and Lavender in a blend)

Hold the candle in the centre with the wick towards you and rub the anointing oil into the wax starting at the middle of the candle, turning the candle deosil (clockwise) and work your way up to the top as you say:

Lord Jesus,
You are the Light of the world.
I praise You and ask You to guide my steps each day.
Help me to love You and serve You faithfully,
and to carry my daily cross with You.

Now turn the candle so that the base is towards you, holding it in the centre, rub the anointing oil into the wax starting again in the middle, turn the candle deosil (clockwise) and work your way up to the top as you say:

Bless this candle,
and let it always remind me
that You are my Light in the darkness,
my protector in danger,
and my saving Lord at all times.

Hold the candle between your hands and say:

Lord Jesus,
I praise You and give You glory,
for You are Lord for ever and ever.

And so this Candlemas I'm going to begin the day with pancakes (representing the sun), I'm going to a Vision Board Party (how serendipitous is that?), and I'm going to clean out the fireplace and enjoy a fire with my hubby contemplating our hopes for the year. And when I lay my head down to go to sleep, I'm going to offer a prayer to the God and Goddess, Jesus and Mary, thanking them for all the blessings in my life and for all the things I'm grateful for . . .


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