Empress of the Skies, Heavenly Queen
Beloved Isis, my heart is keen
From darkness and fear to be released
To connect with my power in deepest peace

Bless me, that this may be so
In accordance with Heaven's plan that I grow
Beloved Queen clothe me in your authority and light
I now claim my spiritual birthright

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A New Way

So much has happened over the last few months that I can't believe it's been eight months since I posted here. Firstly, we moved house in June so I've been preoccupied with settling in. The new house has come with some challenges, most notably a dark energy that has been following me around for a few weeks. No worries though, once he was discovered we zapped his a** out of here! Still so much to do . . .

My Reiki practice has been keeping me busy and with the fall comes new classes which start next week. I'm looking forward to sharing Reiki and empowering others to use this incredible healing system.

And yet again, my spiritual self has shifted. It seems that Spirit is molding and shaping me for what lies ahead. I've had several shifts and feel that my vibration has lifted into a higher dimension. I can no longer tolerate meat and it seems that water is my drink of choice. I've also become aware that I am an Incarnated Angel and the Angels are asking me to step into my power. I'm not really sure what that looks like, but I know that my voice has changed. Not my physical voice, but by my assuredness in what I'm saying. It's scary and exciting and sometimes I want a vacation from it all, but I'm moving ahead, one step at a time, trusting that all is in Divine order.

I've also become aware that the Goddess Isis is now working with and through me. I'm stepping into my role as an Initiate of the Light and am studying the ways of Isis. She's a lot like Mother Mary, but more human. Where it was difficult to relate to Mary and raise myself to that ideal, Isis is more, how do I say this? - womanly. She has feelings and temper tantrums and uses her feminine wiles. She ripped her clothes off and cut her hair when Osiris was murdered. She wailed and cried and lamented for days, weeks, and months. She was able to find out Ra's secret name and thus step into a greater power. She served her people and made herself as one of them.

I've always been interested in Ancient Egypt, if not somewhat wary of it. It always seemed dark and mysterious. But I find that those are the very qualities that I'm now attracted to, especially because of Isis. I'm currently reading several books, one called 'Isis Magic' by M. Isidora Forrest, the 'Circle of Isis' by Ellen Cannon Reed, and 'The Mysteries of Isis' by deTraci Regula. I'm also working with the 'Isis Oracle' by Alana Fairchild - a beautiful oracle deck with sublime pictures and a book that is wonderfully written. I'm also in the process of setting up an altar to Isis, so watch for pictures to come.

Must run now . . . I'm painting my sanctuary a beautiful turquoise . . .



  1. I hope this makes it to your email. I used to read your blog everyday. But then we both stopped blogging for a while. I renewed my blog recently and would love to read more of your writing. Are you going to write for this blog again?

  2. Hello Baby/Mother/Goddess,

    Yes, it has been a while! Almost a year! Yikes! I've been busy with other matters but am being drawn back to blogging by Isis herself. It seems she has a lot for me to say and share, so yes, you'll be seeing more.

    Thank you for the kind message and for following!

    Love and Light,

  3. Well, it seems that I can't remember my sign in or password for this blog, so I've created a new blog. You can now find me at www.adivinelyinspiredlife.blogspot.com Hope to see you there!

    Love and Light,

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