Empress of the Skies, Heavenly Queen
Beloved Isis, my heart is keen
From darkness and fear to be released
To connect with my power in deepest peace

Bless me, that this may be so
In accordance with Heaven's plan that I grow
Beloved Queen clothe me in your authority and light
I now claim my spiritual birthright

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Divine Mother

Where would we be without our mothers? Well, for certain we wouldn't be living in these Earthly bodies. The older I get, the more I appreciate my Mother here on Earth. The sacrifices she's made, the unconditional love (yeah, I raised hell in my teens), the values and morals she instilled in us and a belief in God, always respecting our point of view and however we view the Creator to be.

I'm a seeker. Always searching out the answers to questions most of us are privy to. Where did we come from? Where are we going? What is our purpose? And just when I think I've found the answers, more questions are raised. New ideas are layed before me making me rethink what I think I already know. Will I ever know the Truth? I suspect that when I transition, all will be revealed and I will be able to rest in Eternity in perfect love and perfect trust. Until then, I'm left to ponder these Universal questions.

I began my spiritual life as a Christian in the Luthern faith. Not strict church goers we were left to make our decision each Sunday whether or not to go to Sunday School. Sometimes my sister and I would board the Church bus and take ourselves, other times our mother would accompany us. My father was and is an atheist. Although, between you and me, I sometimes think he's actually agnostic. I searched for God in the churches of Luthern, Baptist, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Seventh Day Adventist and at one point or another I read about John Smith (Mormonism) and even Jehovah and Scientology. And while I've always been deeply spiritual, I found these churches did not fill my soul.

A few years ago, after feeling a deep, gut-wrenching emptiness, I discovered Paganism and Wicca. And, more importantly, I found the Goddess, the Divine Feminine . . . I found balance. Or rather, I should say, She found me working in the garden. I embraced the Divine feminine and came to know her as Green Tara and then, as She would have it, Mother Mary. I've developed a strong and undeniable bond with Mary (interestingly enough my Earth mother's name is Mary). She is the one I look to for spiritual support and growth, intercessor and guide in my Earthly life, and companionship in prayer. In short, she's my Go-To-Girl.

Lately I've been reading and learning about the Catholic faith. Don't laugh . . . or cry . . . it's all a process and I'm feeling guided in this direction. Yes, the Church definitely has its' faults, but there's beauty too. Will I become a member or a cherished parishioner? Highly unlikely. You see I also strongly believe in and practice Reiki, something the Church has officially banned. Ah, for closed minds . . .

But then there's also something called 'Science of the Mind' by Earnest Holmes (please don't confuse this with Tom Cruise's Scientology - and what's up with him and Katie, eh?). Religious Science is something that Louise Hay (you know her book 'You Can Heal Your Life') subscribes to . . . positive intentions and affirmations are her trademark. I find this fascinating.

And so you see, spirituality can't be labeled. No one authority holds the whole and complete Truth no matter what they say. I think we owe it to ourselves to explore, to question and to hold true to our own truths . . . I respect you and you respect me should be the law of the land. But then again, who am I? I AM . . . that's all. I'm a spiritual being having a human experience . . . and doesn't that say it all? I believe that my purpose is to learn, to grow, to experience, to question, to love, to explore where no man has (oops sorry, I digress) . . . to just BE as in BE still and know that I AM God.

And so what does all this have to do with the Divine Mother? It's because she's a part of everything and anything that I do. She's there to guide me, to comfort me, to make sure that I stay on the path. She's loving and compassionate and understanding. She doesn't judge, she doesn't chastize. She allows me to be me in all my fullness. She knows my heart. She's my intercessor and my greatest advocate. She never lets me down. And so I go forward in the knowledge that I do not go alone . . . that whatever I do, I have her blessing, because she KNOWS in the end that I will make the right and true choices for me. And so it is for you . . .

Like I said in my moniker . . . up, down and everywhere inbetween.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love, Truth, Light and Peace

I bow to you. You bow to me.
The Divine light in me salutes the Divine light in you.
I salute the God within you and
I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells.
I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are what we are.
We are One.


Theoretically speaking . . .

I think on many things and they seemingly cycle through my thoughts until I've reached what seems for me a probable answer to a question. One of the thoughts that visits me from time to time is the question of the 'virginal conception and birth' of Jesus. How could Mary possibly become pregnant in such a way? I mean, come on . . . really? I suddenly realized an answer to my question that seems to satisfy my quandry. I know it's a little 'out there' . . . well, okay maybe a lot out there . . . but then, maybe not.

As I understand it, the Universe is made up of energy. There is no beginning and no ending to this energy. It goes by many names, God, Spirit, The One, the Creator. I believe this energy was, and is, male and female, what you would call androgynous. In a moment of lonliness, I believe this energy divided itself and became the God and Goddess while still remaining part of 'The One'.

We're all familiar with the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To some, the Holy Spirit represents the female (Goddess) aspect of the trinity. So with this in mind, I believe that the God and Goddess expressed their love, whereby the Goddess became pregnant (energetically speaking). As an expression of their love for humanity, the Goddess (Holy Spirit) enetered Mary energetically and thus Mary conceived. Therefore, Mary conceived of the Holy Spirit.

I believe that Jesus was, and is, a manifestation in human form of the God and Goddess and the expressed energy of their love as a gift to humanity. It is also interesting that Mary herself was conceived by her mother, Saint Ann, by 'Immaculate Conception' thereby remaining sinless all her life. Yet another example of the Goddess energy manifesting in human form.


A new beginning . . .

Hello, Merry Meet, and Welcome to my blog. I'm going to start off by telling you a story and how I came upon the name for this new blog of mine . . .

Ever since I can remember I have had a 'thing' about my neck. I don't like my neck being touched (which makes it very difficult for the chiropracter to do adjustments on me), and I don't like anything around my neck such as chokers, turtlenecks or scarves. Believe me, I've tried. Have you seen those beautiful scarves they make now-a-days?

Anyway, the other day I had an appointment with a lovely lady by the name of Sonya Thies who does Spiritual Response Therapy. SRT is a powerful healing method that works on a soul level to release negative programming. Programming can be positive or negative, but with SRT only negative programming is released. Releasing subconscious programs allows the soul to move into its fullest expression of joy and prosperity.

One of the 'issues' I brought to Sonya's attention was the issue surrounding my neck. So, during the session, we looked at what could be causing me this discomfort. Let me digress for a bit . . . I've joked around for some time now that I must have been hung in a previous life for being a witch or a thief or something. Well, what came up during the session validated what I had felt intuitively. Apparently, in a past life I had been a Student Priestess and I was a gifted healer. Unfortunately, I had a friend (a fellow Student Priestess) who did not appreciate my gift, was jealous and started spreading lies and rumors about me. And so, because of my gifts, 'I was hung'. Feelings (and the energy of those feelings) of betrayal and injustice, among others, followed me throughout my lives and into this one. Fortunately, during the session these energies were cleared.

Knowing this information has been illuminating. I understand how all the negative energies I have accumulated over my lifetimes has culminated in the blocks I experience in this lifetime. There is still work to do and there probably always will be. But that's part of the 'life' process, isn't it . . .

For some time I've been feeling a shift in my paradigm. My spirituality has and is growing exponentially. I feel like I can't contain all that is within me and at times I find it even hard to express what it is that's happening. I experienced a great shift in Sedona just a few short weeks ago. So much is happening and coming into my life that I can hardly grasp it all. Books, movies, people and experiences are coming into my life, bringing new information and inspiration. Sometimes I want to hide away from it all, it's all so much, but I've come too far to go back now. So I'll keep moving forward . . . one step at a time.

So this new blog reflects the changes that are occuring within me. I hope you'll walk along with me as I follow where I'm led on this road called life . . . up, down and everywhere inbetween.